Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"The Town" hits screens Friday....

And most people who know me know I love anything having to do with Boston, Irish Mob, etc. (The Departed best movie in years). But as a barber I am really stoked about the look that Ben Affleck has taken. The truth is I would never of expected to see Ben Affleck to take suck a short tapered cut....actually looks good. Can not wait to go see this movie.....Oh Slaine is in it!

So it is product review time - Hairgum USA has teamed up with Mister Ducktail to come out with a grease and a shampoo. The grease has what my kid said smelled like vanilla cherry coke and truth is she was not far off. It has a Cherry cola scent to it which I really like and the shampoo has the same scent.

The shampoo or as they like to call it a "Degreaser" is kind of cool cause it has these little micro-beads in it that kind of acts like and exfoliant to help get the grease out and truth is it kind of feels cool when you wash your hair. The question really is "Does it work?" and the answer is it does actually help.

I only have one complaint and I am starting to get over that and that is the size of the grease tin. The tin is only 1.3 fluid oz. which is pretty small but the longer I keep it around the more I like the idea of keeping it in my back pocket along with my comb.

It is definitely worth checking out...if your local barber does not have it let me know and I will have some available in a short while for resale ( hopefully sooner then later).