Monday, December 6, 2010

what a wierd week...

So maybe not so weird kind of normal actually. Spent a day at Covenant Barbershop with my boy Luis and actually ended getting a few haircuts in. My brother came in then I cut Audie (owner of Audie's Olympic Tavern in Fresno) and a couple of other walk in regulars. It really made my day....A bit out of practice but still felt like I belong there!!

What else happened....Oh yeah the United States got screwed out of the 2022 World Cup by FIFA and gave it to Qatar....Kind of lame but as a football fan in the U.S. we have to push on and continue to show support for the game in our country. I know this has nothing to do with barbering but man I really love the game!!

Ok back to the whole barbering topic.....So as I am hanging out in the shop I am watching Luis as he does his fades and the one thing he continues to tell me to do is to work in steps. The more I think about this the more it really applies to all haircutting. Not just clipper cutting ball hair cutting in general. When you are a young barber or even a stylist it is easy to get a head of yourself but if you take this stuff one step at a time your speed and skills will pick up and you will become that professional that you desire to be!

One last thing check out JoshXOs Weapon of choice airs live every Tues Thurs and Sun @ 7pm pst on Pretty informative stuff!!