Friday, May 6, 2011

So I know I have not posted in a while.

Things have been crazy with this possible move to Washington I am working as much as I can trying to make heads and tails of some of this. But every now and again I can sneak in a haircut or two.

Today I did a haircut on this dude Danny Promise who has opened his boxing gym up to me to do haircuts and I cut his hair today and man it was awkward only because I cut his hair while he sat in an office chair that did not adjust. I was trying to bend down to hit the nape of his  neck and try to make sure it was all blended. Man it was tough so the truth is if I am going to try and make this work I am going to have to invest in a real barber chair.

Then there is Johnny....Thinks we should come down there and live in Boise. He wants me to come and work at the barbershop with him. Probably not.

So that is what has been going new tools or anything cool to watch. Oh yeah go join hairbraned