Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Barbers New years Resolutions....

So this list comes to us from the guys at Barbers Only Magazine and there twitter (!!!

1. I will stop giving clients my number on napkins and finally get some business cards.... 2010 barber resolutions!!!!

2. I will stop selling bootleg DVDs out the shop

3. I will stop putting hennessy/absolut/patron in the styrofoam cup and act like it's water.

4. I will stop taking 2 hour lunch breaks to go play Madden at my broke cousins house.

5. I will stop making my clients wait for me to get to the shop when they have an appointment.

6. I will stop telling clients about my baby momma problems and let them talk .

7. I will stop breathing on my clients with onion breath...

8. I will stop having sex with my clients mom' unprofessional

9. I will stop pushing hairlines back...

10. I will stop taking smoke breaks before,during, and after cuts.

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