Friday, August 24, 2012

Murphy's Traditional...An experiment

   So after my post about pomade makers and those who claim to make handcrafted pomade but in all actuality they are having others make it for them I decided to go through the process of making my own pomade.

BeesWax from Tower Health
   Murphy's Traditional is what I am calling my pomade for this project. So the first thing I did was spend a ton of time looking for recipes on a pomade and surprisingly enough I did not find as many as I thought I would. So after finding a base idea I needed to figure out what I wanted it to smell like and how heavy I wanted it.

   So I decided to work on two weights...A medium hold and a heavy hold so I hit up Tower Health Food in Fresno,Ca and picked up a couple of small bags of beeswas pellets (melts fairly easy and evenly) and a small bottle of orange oil for scent (this is going to be the medium hold). For this experiment I hit up my local dollar store and purchased several cans of petro (buck a piece, can not beat that).

    So finally get a some time after I get done with my day at the barbershop grabbed metal mixing bowl, some crappy beat up measuring spoons and a pot of hot water. Melt down the wax, added the petro and orange scent then grabbed a couple of empty can I had laying around the house poured the ingredients in the cans and let it cure for the night.

    Next day I checked out my little concoctions and had to figure out what I needed more of. Melted them back down added a little more petro in both, added more orange in the medium weight and had to add some more rum to the heavy weight (yes, I said rum. Sailor Jerrys to be exact). Let it cure again over night.

First Can Of Murphys Original
   I got to work this morning with my small can of the medium weight (orange scent) and used it in my own hair and so far it is holding in a fashion that I was hoping for. Not super hard but still easy to manipulate. The heavy weight still has some tweaking to be done. One of the keys it to keep track of everything you are doing....Write that crap down!!!

   So what is to become of this project...My own Frankie The Barber brand pomade. Who know, but I will tell you this a huge thumbs up to all you guys out there putting out good product. Keep up the good work. We appreciate it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shear, Shave, Shark!!!! Best weekend ever!!

    When you think of a trade doing guest spots you think of tattoo artist you usually do not think of a barber. This weekend I had the opportunity to do a guest spot in Southern California with the staff of BOLT BARBER and BOLT On Safari.

Me and Mohawk Matt
    The event called "Shear,Shave,Shark" was four days of free haircuts and Shark Week goodies held in DTLA, Long Beach Aquarium, Venice Beach and Gladstones 4 Fish in Pacific Palisades. The event was in conjunction with the Discovery Channels "Shark Week".

    Getting the chance to work with other barbers in a whole new setting is a good thing to do once in a while. It gives you a new perspective on what you do and where you do it. For me this trip gave me a whole new perspective on myself and reminded me that I am a good barber. More importantly I am a better barber then some people give me credit for. I may not be the greatest barber yet but one day I will get there!!

Working Hard At Gladstones
      The locations I got to cut hair at could not be beat. Seriously, the ocean is one of the best views on the planet. Venice Beach was cool with some odd characters. I was able to meet some interesting people and seeing some out right odd kats!!

    Gladstones was amazing! Did not do as many haircuts here but met some cool people. The staff of Gladstones were AWESOME!! There kitchen staff all came out and got haircuts, fed us and totally got what "Shear, Shave,Shark" was all about.

    When you get an opportunity to do things like this...take them and work just as hard for them as you would at your own work. You never know what may happen.

Work station At Gladstones
    I need to thank my boss for letting me take the day off to be apart of this event. More importantly I need to thank Mohawk Matt and all those involved in "Shear,Shave,Shark" for welcoming me into there tribe. I do not think you guys realize how much I not only enjoyed my time with you guys but how much I needed the new perspective on what I do....THANK YOU!!!

BOLT On Safari