Friday, January 29, 2010

I got to thinking today....

So like every morning I get up and head to the local corporate coffee chain that I work at but as I always do think about how there has to be somewhere in this area for me to cut hair (since God knows that is where I would rather be).

The following statement is a general statement and my opinion from experience:

Traditional barbering is very important and I think that sometimes the hair industry has the tendency to snub there nose at barbers . I personally have seen (and experienced) that barbers do not want to help train younger inexperienced barbers. I also feel that if we do not see older more experienced barbers step up and help train and teach younger guys then our trade will suffer!

Education is important!!! This is something I have learned from my wife who is a hairstylist. The more a person learns the better they are going to be at their craft...this is true in any trade but especially in the hair business. In traditional mens haircutting...a mens haircut is well - a mens haircut. What about those haircuts that would not be classified as "traditional" but more trend oriented are you going to turn them away.

What I am trying to get to is that "traditional" barbering and "modern" mens grooming should be able to go hand in hand....please not I am not talking about that whole wierd "metro-sexual" trend that popped up a few years ago. Seek out education even if it is through product companies like (I know they are just trying to sell there product but you can learn something from 'em)...Find other barbers who have something to teach you. It is the best way to better yourself.

I really hope this made made sense in my head!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ebay RULES!!

So the other day I just spent like an hour browsing Ebay and realized I could get a grip of equipment withouth breaking the bank...Chairs, warmers and a few other things as well.

I should just stock pile and open a shop somewhere!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I hate it when plans go bust...

Since December I have been planning this trip to Long Beach and today plans went bust!! No education, no enjoying my weekend just stuck at home....again!!

Right now at this moment I am on the search for some education....something I am in dire need of so I can work in my know cutting hair!!

If you are out there and have and education recommendations please let me know!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

the importance of a mentor...

So earlier this week Ivan Zoot (andis co.) posted a blog about some of his mentors and it kind of got me thinking about the importance of mentors. For me there are men in this trade that I have so much respect that have kind of changed the face of barbering a perfect example is Don Hawley who owns Hawleywoods Barbershop in Costa Mesa and Long Beach and also owns Layrite Pomade...guys like Ivan Zoot and a few others.

I began to realize though that the one thing since the beginning of my journey as a barber I have been missing is a mentor...someone to teach me the trade show me the tricks no one else knows...etc. The hair game is an industry that mentors are still important....whether you are a Hair stylist or a barber!

If you are in a position to mentor the younger cats in the your shop of it and if you are the rookie in the shop or salon do what you must to learn as much from the experienced ones in your shop or salon.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Ah Friday and I did not work today!!

So I need to get my hands working again....Man I miss cutting hair!! So what did I do grabbed one of Beth's surplus of many mannequins and started cutting and this is what I got. Kind of like it but one of the problems with working on mannequins is that you can not really do short clipper cutting on them. So what does that mean for way to work on fades, taper fades and all the crap that I need work on so I can work in the central valley!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ivan Zoot from Andis will be doing education and people from Barbers Only Magazine are also going to be at ISSE this I am excited!!

I am getting antsy becasue my CA barbers License expires this spring and since coming back to California I have hardly been able to cut hair and the truth is it really sucks. Two years licensed here and I am hustling coffee at starbucks. Please do not get me wrong I am grateful for my job but would rather be cutting hair!!!

I am not sure where to go from here...thats for sure!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

the internet....

The more I drunkenly stumble around the web the more resources I find. Even as a barber I need to better myself and the more I know about mens grooming ang cutting the more useful I can become.

Do not get me wrong I love the old school barbershop I think it is just as important to move a head as it is to keep traditions of the past!!