Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trying to learn all over again....

The last couple of weeks on of the shop owners has been on vacation. As Aaron has been enjoying the sandy beaches of Cancun, Mexico I have been filling in for him in the shop. Normally I am only there two days a week (Tuesday and Saturdays).

This week Stance (Majority owner of the shop) and been giving me advice as I work and it has been really great except for the fact that I am working really hard to break all these stupid habits that I developed over the last few years that has actually been detrimental to me actually getting a head as a barber....And the funny thing it is the small things that kind of muck me up as I work.

All I know is that speed comes in time but right now it is about developing my skills and the more I cut the better I get and the more comfortable with my tools I become....

I do not want to back to my two days a week, but I must!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5 bucks of all haircuts......

If you have in your possession either a Emerald City Supporters (ECS) membership Card or a Pacific Coast Blues membership card you are eligible for a 5 dollar discount on all haircuts with me at M & M Barbershop in Fresno,California.
All haircuts are 15 dollars and this offer will make your cut....well 10 bucks!! Between May 18th and May 29th I am in the shop Tuesday - Saturday. After that I return to my normal days of work which is Tuesday and Saturdays. Walk ins will be welcomed but I will take appointments.

Please note that this special is not available with any other barber at M & M Barbershop.

For more info call: 559.480-CHOP (2467)
M & M Barber Shop
7509 North Willow


not a bad Saturday...

So the morning started out a bit slow at the shop but after around 10 or so get steady. 9 haircuts in today and that makes me happy because each day I work in the shop I see myself getting better. Do not get me wrong...I got a long way to go but feel I am in the right direction.

Football rules!!! Chelsea not only won the premiership but today the beat Portsmouth 1-0 giving them the FA Cup. By winning the FA Cup at Wembley this afternoon, Chelsea have secured the first ever Double in the club's history. Tonight the Seattle Sounders won against the NY Red Bulls 1-0 with a goal by Freddie Montero in the 85'.

Starting next week for the next two weeks I will be in the barbershop Tuesday - Saturday til the end of the month!! Sweet huh

Friday, May 14, 2010

Been interesting...

First I need to thank my boss at starbucks for giving me the time off I needed so that I can spend the next two weeks in the barber shop. One of the owners is going on vacation and asked if I would cover while he is gone and so I jumped on the opportunity.

So recently I stumbled on a fairly new grooming product called Suavecito Pomade based out of Santa Ana (at least that is what the box said). If you are a user of Layrite or Holdfast then this is for you. Cost is 10 bucks a can which is what drew me to the product. When I ask Pedro (owner) why he sells it cheaper then his competitors his answer to me was "I'm in business to
give an honest product at an honest price in these hard economic
times. I'm not greedy, trust me if I could sell it for cheaper I
would." So check em out at

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekends over...

Now back to the normal hustle of Starbucks and the shop. The tattoo expo was fun unfortunately did not make the money I was hoping to but that's alright cause I did meet a few interesting people. Hope to have some pictures soon from the weekend. Best thing was both my dad and older brother shelled out the 20 bucks to come down on Sunday and hang out at the expo.

All weekend I spent with my buddy Luis and Steve (works at Covenant with him) and all I could think about really was Tuesday getting here so I could get back into the shop and cut hair. Thats the only thing I want to do. I want to get to that point where it all just kind of clicks and what I am doing makes sense!

I will leave it at that for the night!!