Thursday, December 31, 2009

One of my favorite videos...

The StrayCats LeeRocker & Donnie Hawleywood talk with EricBlair

World Famous Hawleywoods Barber Shop | MySpace Video

A Barbers New years Resolutions....

So this list comes to us from the guys at Barbers Only Magazine and there twitter (!!!

1. I will stop giving clients my number on napkins and finally get some business cards.... 2010 barber resolutions!!!!

2. I will stop selling bootleg DVDs out the shop

3. I will stop putting hennessy/absolut/patron in the styrofoam cup and act like it's water.

4. I will stop taking 2 hour lunch breaks to go play Madden at my broke cousins house.

5. I will stop making my clients wait for me to get to the shop when they have an appointment.

6. I will stop telling clients about my baby momma problems and let them talk .

7. I will stop breathing on my clients with onion breath...

8. I will stop having sex with my clients mom' unprofessional

9. I will stop pushing hairlines back...

10. I will stop taking smoke breaks before,during, and after cuts.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some new sources

So today after work I spent some time looking around for some education videos to help me with my weak points in barbering in which I found but while in my searches I stumbles across two other websites that I thought were really cool one was - and the other is One is a community and the other has alot of education information. I thought that these are both really good resouces for stylist.

I am a big fan of education becuase it is the only way to remain on top of things...check em' out!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well Christmas is now upon us....

and as I write this I hope we all have a good Christmas. If you are out there and actually read this blog I hope you have a blessed Christmas!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Video filmed at Magic in Vegas

Sneaky fucking Russians.....

So tonight I received the most random phone call...a guy from Detroit just calling to let me know that he had found all my personal info on some forum. When I say everything I do mean everything!!

The reason I used the title I did was because the forum's point of origin is Moscow...and I am not talking about Moscow, Idaho!

I am pissed and get to spend all tomorrow trying to contact everyone and there mother to alert the world which included the PD, Feds and all reporting agencies.....HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ME!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

ISSE 2010 - Long Beach,Ca

So I got my hotel reserved for this years ISSE which is held at the Long Beach Convention Center. Got us a swank room at the Westin the in LB!

Ivan Zoot will be there and this year the people from both Major League Barbers and Barbers Only Magazine will be there.

There is always awesome education and just a cool time...Last year met some interesting people this year I hope to make a few connections so I can try and find somewhere to cut hair outside of the valley.

Can not wait...maybe this year I can get a cut at Hawleywoods!