Monday, September 26, 2011

Cafe Racers and Hawleywoods Barbershop

One of my favorite shows is called Cafe Racers that airs on an HD tv channel. Well this season they aired an episode that features hot Rod Walt from the band Psycho-DeVilles and Hawleywood's Barbershop....Enjoy!!!

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

So everyone who already follows and is familiar with Hawleywood's Barbershop already knows that they have opened a shop in Sydney, Australia but there is a company based in Australia called Uppercut Deluxe ( I have only recently found one barbershop that sells there products and that is called Johnny D's Barbershop in Campbell,Ca.

So I blasted them an e-mail and they were kind enough to send me a couple of there products to try out. So they kindly send me a can of Monster Hold, Uppercut Pomade and a sampler of the Uppercut Matte Clay.

So I want to start with the packaging. The tins remind me of the old tins of KIWI Shoe Polish my dad had around the house to polish his boots with. For me this is a cool. I think I figure there is almost 3.5 ounces of pomade in a can.

The Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a water soluble pomade, similar to Layrite. It is an easy to use, washes right out pomade. Holds well and you can comb back into place if need be..But like Layrite make sure you put it into dry hair.
The second pomade I got to try out was there "Monster Hold". This is a good old fashioned wax pomade. You know the one I am talking about, the one that takes a few days to wash out and leaves stains on your pillowcase then your wife gets mad and takes away your pillowcase. As much of a fan I am of a good water soluble pomade sometimes I like an old fashioned wax and this is what you get in the "Monster Hold".

There are other products that I have not had the chance to use such as there shampoo, conditioner and last time I spoke to someone at Uppercut they are also going to work on a shaving product.

I am a fan of companies that work hard to create a good product and have a great history. This is another company that has given us a good product that is created with the help of barbers.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maybe I am in the wrong end of the industry

Ok so I am just kidding...sort of! Yesterday the wife and I drove down to LA for the day and we were taking care of some business down in Inglewood (yes Inglewood). It was funny because not only did I count so many barbershop I counted a ton of "supply houses". It was insane how many there were, I mean in Fresno we have less then 10 (this includes Sallys, Cosmoproff...etc) I did not see a single Sallys in this area they seemed to all be local stores.

Now on to something of importance and it is something that effects all professionals and that is DIVERSION!!! Beth and I went into Target and the amount of questionable "professional" products was astounding. I am not going into a full tangent but I have a few points people need to understand:
1)Diversion Takes Money out of the pockets of professionals that you  are already seeing and rusting to take care of you as a consumer!!
2) "Professional"products found in stores like Wal mart, target or any other company and not always what they appear to be. (chemicals and other things may have been added to dilute the product)
3)Companies will not guarantee their product unless t has been purchased from a profession stylist/barber.
4)You are not always saving as much as you think you are.

The following companies work really hard to curb Diverion; Paul Mitchell, Redken,  Avdeda and TIGI and many more. Listen just support your professional get your hair done and buy your products from them it is just good form