Sunday, February 20, 2011

Over night in LA....

So we all know that to make that money I have to hustle over-priced coffee to the masses. So on Monday after I have been up since 5 am I called my wife and told her to get a bag together cause we are blasting out of here....straight to the city of angels. Got a hotel in El Segundo for the night.

First thin first was to grab some dinner so we tracked down the Grill Em All truck (winners of the Food Networks Great Food Truck Race). Had the Molly Hatchet and some fries tossed in truffel oil....Best dinner in a while.

Tuesday and we were up and headed to Santa Monica for breakfast at Ye Olde Kings Head for just some of the best English food in LA. I am not talking about bastardized American versions of English food. This place is legit. The only place I can drink beer with my breakfast and not feel guilty or like a drunk Irishman!!

The rest of the day was just spent hanging out....found multiple Floyd's Barbershops, Rudy's on Melrose, Shorty's Barbershop found on Highland ( I think that is where it was). So many cool barbershops through out Los Angeles.

What is the point of this you, barbershops...etc. The point is to get out there explore what is going on and if there is nothing around that interest you blast away for little while and see what the rest of the world is doing. Do not eat at the same restaurant they have where you live meet some locals explore other me you will like what you find!!