Saturday, August 28, 2010

Been crazy....

So I have been a bad blogger. On the side I book shows for the kids in the town I live in and so that has been keeping my attention for the last few weeks and hopefully since the show is next week things will start to slow down.

Lately I have been on a mission of sorts trying to understand what it takes to open a business. What business you ask well a barbershop, silly!! As I e-mail people and talk to em I find the biggest expense is your property. If you open a business in a location with high rent that means you have to charge accordingly to make sure you are able to cover your costs. There are so many variables: location, services, target demographic....etc, etc.

For me I do not want some cut rate chop shop that you charge 7 dollars or less. I want something that barbers would be proud to work at and men would be happy to come to for a haircut and a shave.

Takes a lot of time to really figure out what you want and how to do it right...not something to rush into lightly that is for sure!!

Just a thought!! Have a great weekend