Thursday, October 18, 2012

Been a busy couple of weeks..

   So things have been crazy. The barbershop has gone to commission so I am working my ass off a little more then normal. Trying to find ways to not only make money, get my name out there a little more and do some cool stuff in the community while I am here! Which leads me to November 1st.

  I am excited to to be involved in MOVEMBER Campaign this year. my work is playing host to a Movember Kick-Off and Shave party. I really wanted to do this last year but the shop had just opened up, but this year I got on top things super early. The chance to do something for a good charity and hopefully help bring in some new business.

    Tomorrow we are closing up shop early and we have a grooms party coming in for haircuts and shaves. The groom is getting married on Saturday. My boy Luis called me up today because he needed a hand with a grooms party on Saturday.

   I am excited that I am going to be busy over the next couple of days because of guys getting married. I think guys getting married are an up-tapped source of income and more importantly getting the chance to take part in the most important day of a mans life (next to them having a kid). Salons always set up at bridal events maybe it is time for barbers/barbershops to show up at events to target men for weddings.

   Well I am going to call it a night, maybe I will have some photos to post form the weekend. Keep working hard, take care of your clients and take pride in what you do!