Monday, October 31, 2011

So I got to thinking a little more...

    So after I finished the last post I knew I better put this down or I would forget it. This is targeted at an barber who owns there own shop....INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE!!!

    1)Your Business: The truth is if you play your cards right the cost to open a barbershop is not very high. It probably may be one of the lowest costing businesses to open up. If you are a barber wanting to open a shop and you have to  start pretty stripped down you have to take the time and invest back into your shop. You know  you need a towel warmer-save your tips till you have enough to get a one. It is not as hard as you think it may be. To have a successful shop you have to put money back into it and not just barely survive!
    2)Invest In Yourself: Awesome! Everyone knows you can do a fade and don't get me wrong that is a good reputation to have, but do you know how to handle your shears. There is a lot more to doing men's haircuts in 2011. Do you know the trends, do you know how all the cool kids want to get there haircut like, do yo know the kind of products people are willing to spend money on. Get a hold of your local supply house and try to get into some education. It is cheap and a good think to do. Go to the convention and hair shows because they offer tons of classes, even for barbers.
     3)Invest in your staff:  If you have barbers working for you no matter whether you are a rent, commission or even an hourly shop: INVEST IN YOUR STAFF!! Encourage them to get out there and learn as much as they can. I believe in the end this benefits you, them and oh yeah....the customer!! Oh yeah do not be afraid to take a young barber under your barbers need mentors!
    4)Invest In Your Future: Last point of the night-When you are self employed more often then not we do not think about retirement until it is to late. I am not talking about investing in stocks but find a way to develop a retirement plan and do it early. I will be honest this is the toughest thing to do but you have to do it. If you go to your band an meet with a financial officer they can help you out and give you advice. Find an investment like gold or silver something that holds it's value well. Look out for you and your family!!

Ok, I think I am done for the night. Please give me any feedback or ideas.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who is running the business?

    So tonight I was sitting around checking my e-mail waiting to hear from a shop I am trying to get into. Gold Star Barbershop is opening in Visalia, CA. in November. So the shop is owned by a local police officer and his wife. In getting opportunity to meet the owner and his wife and see the passion he has for the future of his shop and his business development.
    So knowing that I am trying to go work for a shop that is owned by folks that are not professionals in the hair industry has got me thinking about what is better working for people who are in the game or people who come from outside the barbering industry but have a love for the business, the community that their shop is in and support there employees. There was a time where I thought that it is better to work for a shop owned by a barber but the older I get and see how some barbers out there run business this is not always true.

    I have learned that I would rather work for someone that has the same vision I have and wants invest in me as an employee then just someone filling a chair giving them their commission or rent (whichever you may be doing).

    I have worked for shops owned by barbers and they have been both good and bad experiences but there has always been one common thread and that is they were not looking out for there staff. It was your responsibility to grow even though it would be beneficial for not just you as a barber but the shop as an employer to watch you grow in your trade.

    Ok here is really what I am trying to say (I think)....Barbers should strive to own your own shop and if you do look out for your staff and your business. Raise up the next generation of barbers. If you are looking for a shop to work at do not over look the shop owned by people in the community. What that barbershop owner may lack in understanding of the industry he may make up for in better business smarts and sometimes business smarts are just as important as professional knowledge.

    Hope this makes sense. it did in my head!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Proper Barbershop in LA....Proper shave

Not about being lazy...I love to get a good shave!!

    So I am really excited about my plans for the month of November. I am going to be visiting 3 barbershop in the central valley that still do a good ole fashioned straight razor shave. Two in Fresno and one out in Visalia (since I live smack in the middle of both towns).
   I was introduced to the straight razor shave shortly before we moved to Spokane on a visit the wife and I had taken up there to check out the job scene. While we were up there had a job interview and to get ready for my interview my buddy Johnny took my a  place called Dan's Barbershop (est.1961). It is still a family owned shop and is in the exact same location as the day they opened.

   So on this visit I went in for a haircut and a shave. Haircut of choice was a high and tight flat top (which upset the wife...not a fan of the flat top)The shave was awesome hands down the closest thing on the planet. Did the whole thing with only three towels. No fancy towel warmer just a sink that ran the hottest water ever. I know this for a fact since I spent a little bit of time there after I got my barber license.

   The shave is a classic part of getting a haircut and even though we are seeing a return to the barbershop not all shops are doing shaves and not all "barbers" even do shaves. The truth is the shave goes back to 1850. Some people believe it started to disappear in the 1950's

   So here is an idea...Next time you wife is going into to the salon to get her hair colored and cut you go find a shop get a good haircut and a shave then have a nice lunch with you wife and trust me she will appreciate it!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Need a new set of Andis Master....Think Joes Barbershop!!


    So check this out....If you are in the need of a new pair of Andis Master's instead of going over to Sally's or some other supply house get a hold of Joe's Barbershop in Chicago.

    These custom clipper's are brand new, out of the box. These are not 2nd hand clippers!! All internals are carefully removed from the case, then the empty clipper housing gets sandblasted, coated with the desired color, and cured at 500 degrees. After the case is cooled and inspected for flaws it gets a full coat of super durable clear Powder and visits the oven for a 2nd time for a slow cure process to insure a rock solid coating that will last for years. Then all internals are re-installed back into the freshly coated case, all wires are soldered and Heat shrinked (Andis® uses electrical tape), and everything is re-calibrated back to factory specs. The fresh/custom clipper gets put back into its original box, with all factory packaging, and is sent off to its new owner.

    Listen, I will be honest they are a little more expensive then buying a regular set of clippers, bot come on man theses look freaking awesome!!!  If you are looking for something cool to set you apart from the dude behind the chair next to you get a set of these!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some thoughts for the night

First things first....The holidays will be coming really soon and I am one of those guys who believes in sending a greeting card to my clients or any kind of rep I may deal with in the business. The problem is I am not going to send out some cheesy cliche Christmas card so last year I contacted an artist in Spokane,Washington who was actually doing design custom cards for the holiday season.

Jeff Allison is an artist and illustrator who has done design work for companies and events all across the country. If you are looking for a great and cool looking card for your cutomers you really need to get a hold of him and get your card designed before it is to late. you can e-mail him
2010 X-mas Card by Jell Allison

Listen I know you are thinking "Frankie why are you talking about the holidays already?". The truth is Christmas is right around the corner!! So it is time to start trying to make things easer for your customers. Everything from getting them into the chair before those big holiday events to helping them come up with cool gift ideas for certain family members.

Listen I get it some barber shops do not do appoinments for whatever reason but for the holidays it is a very good idea....encourage your customers to book there appointment early so not only will they be able to get in but just as importantly you are not stuck in the shop when you want to be spending time with your family.

Now to the gift issue....If you do not normally offer gift certificates think about doing so for the holiday because not only could it bring it extra money (listen I would buy my dad a gift certificate to a good barber as a stocking stuffer) and if you play your cards right it could bring you a few new customers and we all know that during the holiday season it can be tough to get new business into the shop.

Lucky Tiger  has cool packages!
Cheap gift ideas for your clients: develop gift packs or even buy them pre-packaged. I know that during the holidays American Crew sells gifts packs (my brother will usually get one). Spend the extra cash to have things around to give your customers gift ideas for their dads, sons and brothers. Below I have posted a couple of sites that have some cool gift ideas: