Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday at Reuben's

So I went and spent a few hours at Reubens yesterday...did a few simple cut...Got in over my head with a homeboys "taper" and just watched Reuben work for a bit.

We talked about an apprenticeship and he said that I could not work for free....his words were "Thats just not right" but what he did say was that he wanted to see me around the shop more, ask questions understand the tools...etc

Reuben is a good dude and I think he will work with me the best he can....really does not have room for another barber but at least he wants to help me and I do not have to quit my job or cut my hours back!!

Oh yeah and I did get to use my new Andis Nano magnetic gaurds this weekend....they are freakin' sweet!!

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