Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shear, Shave, Shark!!!! Best weekend ever!!

    When you think of a trade doing guest spots you think of tattoo artist you usually do not think of a barber. This weekend I had the opportunity to do a guest spot in Southern California with the staff of BOLT BARBER and BOLT On Safari.

Me and Mohawk Matt
    The event called "Shear,Shave,Shark" was four days of free haircuts and Shark Week goodies held in DTLA, Long Beach Aquarium, Venice Beach and Gladstones 4 Fish in Pacific Palisades. The event was in conjunction with the Discovery Channels "Shark Week".

    Getting the chance to work with other barbers in a whole new setting is a good thing to do once in a while. It gives you a new perspective on what you do and where you do it. For me this trip gave me a whole new perspective on myself and reminded me that I am a good barber. More importantly I am a better barber then some people give me credit for. I may not be the greatest barber yet but one day I will get there!!

Working Hard At Gladstones
      The locations I got to cut hair at could not be beat. Seriously, the ocean is one of the best views on the planet. Venice Beach was cool with some odd characters. I was able to meet some interesting people and seeing some out right odd kats!!

    Gladstones was amazing! Did not do as many haircuts here but met some cool people. The staff of Gladstones were AWESOME!! There kitchen staff all came out and got haircuts, fed us and totally got what "Shear, Shave,Shark" was all about.

    When you get an opportunity to do things like this...take them and work just as hard for them as you would at your own work. You never know what may happen.

Work station At Gladstones
    I need to thank my boss for letting me take the day off to be apart of this event. More importantly I need to thank Mohawk Matt and all those involved in "Shear,Shave,Shark" for welcoming me into there tribe. I do not think you guys realize how much I not only enjoyed my time with you guys but how much I needed the new perspective on what I do....THANK YOU!!!

BOLT On Safari

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