Monday, April 1, 2013

Support Your Local Barber: Long Beach Trip

    So this past weekend  I closed up the barbershop early, scooped up the wife and kids and headed down to Long Beach for the Easter weekend.

   So I got up Saturday morning and left the wife and girls in the hotel to do there homework since they all had school on Monday morning. I knew what I wanted to do first thing in the morning and that was pay visits to 3 shops in Long Beach that I have a lot of respect for.

    Stop number one is up on East 4th street in Long Beach to Razorbacks barbershop (3044 East 4th
Razorbacks Barbershop
Street, Long Beach,Ca.). I walked in just to check it and Pedro Zermeno was kind enough to allow me to bend his ear for a bit. He also allowed me to crowd his space a bit and watch him work.

    Pedro is a man who knows what he is doing not just business and as a barber. The shop has 4 chairs out front and two chairs in the back of the shop. They have 9 barbers total that work two shifts.
    If you do not know this already but Razorbacks is home to IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS.

    Thank you Pedro for letting me invade your space and bend your ear. I appreciate it.

    My second stop of the morning was Hawleywood's Barbershop in Long Beach. It was a quite shop since everyone was out in Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas

    Don Hawley and Hawleywood's really had a lot to do with changing the face of modern barbering and I had been wanting to visit one of the shop and so I finally go in to pay a visit to the Long Beach shop.

Hawleywood's Barbershop

    The neighbothood is cool a bunch of cool little shops which makes for a perfect location for this Hawleywoods shop. It is a narrow shop but deep with what looked like maybe 6 chairs (I could be wrong). Above the waiting bench is a shelf that hold a ton of beer glasses. Clippings hang on the wall that features the history of Don Hawley and the growth of the Hawleywoods brand.

   While checking out the shop I was totally excited to find a plaque that featured "The Underground Magazine" that featured the bands Hit The Deck, xLooking Forwardx, Until The End and Don Hawley.. It was a three page spread and it was so dope to so it hanging on the wall of Hawleywood's Barbershop (thanks Donnie).
The Undergournd Magazine

    Last stop of the morning was Syndicate Barbershop down on Broadway. There is a reason for making this my final stop of the morning and that was to see and chat with Dylan Johnson.

   The Syndicate  has a little more room and host 6 chairs (I think). It was a comfortable and they work for the most part by appointment only, which they started doing near the end of last year.

   Dylan has been cutting since 2001 and has called the Syndicate his home for almost three years. Like Hawleywoods neighborhood there are some cool joints on the block and these are all things that make for a good barbershop.

     One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to visit\
shops. I like to see what other shops are doing and if I get the
chance to I love watching other barbers work.

    I want to thank everyone who put up with me invading there space, bending their and letting me watch them work. I had a great weekend!!

    I have always beleived one of the biggest part of growning as a barber/stylist is to pay attention to what is going on around you and in other cities. So next time you are on the road take some time to poke your head in another shop and introduce yourself. You may learn something!


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