Friday, January 22, 2010

the importance of a mentor...

So earlier this week Ivan Zoot (andis co.) posted a blog about some of his mentors and it kind of got me thinking about the importance of mentors. For me there are men in this trade that I have so much respect that have kind of changed the face of barbering a perfect example is Don Hawley who owns Hawleywoods Barbershop in Costa Mesa and Long Beach and also owns Layrite Pomade...guys like Ivan Zoot and a few others.

I began to realize though that the one thing since the beginning of my journey as a barber I have been missing is a mentor...someone to teach me the trade show me the tricks no one else knows...etc. The hair game is an industry that mentors are still important....whether you are a Hair stylist or a barber!

If you are in a position to mentor the younger cats in the your shop of it and if you are the rookie in the shop or salon do what you must to learn as much from the experienced ones in your shop or salon.


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