Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looking out for your clients!!!

So Barberbshop Blog just posted a link on twitter to a recent product review of AXE 3 new shampoos and I quickly responded with my opinion of the products I have used; "my wife hates the smell of AXE and there shower Wash dries out my skin...mediocre product that is a heck of a marketing machine!"

I believe we as barbers should be looking out for the well being of our clients. Taking care of our clients is more then just cutting there hair and throwing 'em out of the chair and on to the next cat. Just cause our clients can get shampoo and pomade/gel for cheap at the wal-mart does not mean they are getting a good product.

Just like salons work with there clients on recommending the right haircaire products, barbers should be looking out for there clients in the same way....also these days if you play your cards right it can down right profitable!! You heard me PROFITABLE.

The key is educating yourself on what is going on in the game of mens grooming and more importantly understanding the needs of your clients.

The following companies have good mens lines. B Men (Tigi), American Crew, Redken For Men (Redken), Layrite (Layrite). This is just to name a few.

In the end all I am saying is we really want the best for our clients from the time they sit in our chair to the time they walk out the door all the way to the time they return to our chair!! Just a thought.


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