Monday, April 18, 2011

just a quick note....

I wanted to quickly post something saying "thank you" to all the cool feedback regarding the Hawleywood videos. If I could of had the opportunity to train somewhere after I got out of school it would of been there. Not cause it is cool or hip but because they take pride in there business, shop and their cuts. I kind of wish things were handled now the way they used to be handled where a kat finished barber school with a license then he had to do and it is about the schools getting their coin (broad statement but unfortunately it has been the case that I have seen).

it is a trade I am proud to be apart of and hope to one day have the success to provide for my family doing what. Also thank you to everyone who supports barbers. I have seen in my own experience that some people within the hair game can stick there nose up at the barbering trade as being an important part of the hair industry....thank you to all of you who accept and appreciate what we as barbers do.

Cheers and I hope this made sense because it has been a long day!!

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