Sunday, April 3, 2011

Barbershop on CBS..and customer service is key

My favorite show on t.v. right now is called BLUE BLOODS (cop drama on CBS). Was watching it last night and then all of a sudden there is a sequence showing Levels Barbershop!! I blasted a tweet about it and my wife was like what are you so excited about.....I guess I am the only kat who caught it. Oh well.

So I was hoping to get a new pair of clippers but I will be getting a new pair of trimmers instead since the wife forgot to ship my trimmers with the rest of my tools. I am looking at getting the SuperLiner (if anyone around here has them at least). The truth is I am slowly trying to get rid of my Oster tools and replace them with ANDIS tools. Why? One reason and as much as the quality of their tools are important it is all about the service. Not just the customer service when it comes to the tools but how open to there education with there education and willing to answer questions when you have them....Twitter, Facebook and even via e-mail. Heck, Ivan Zoot took time out of his busy schedule to talk to me on the telephone on day when I had questions about clipper cutting techniques.

For me this is the kind of thing that makes a customer for life.....Do not get me wrong Oster is a fin product but I just feel a company like Andis has far and beyond the normal company and this is something I have felt since the day I met Ivan Zoot at ISSE in Long Beach a couple of years ago....Thank you!

Good Night and continue to cut with pride,

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