Thursday, January 24, 2013

So whats been going lately

   Well it is January that time of year where no matter what shop or salon you are working in it is slow. That is life everyone is broke, paying off Christmas and waiting for tax season to get here.That is just the nature of the beast this time of year. So now it is all about trying to offer your customers to come in and spend that extra couple of bucks in your shops.

   Pomades are on the rise but recently I was contacted by Ivan Zoot (Clipperguy) and asked if I would review it here. If you are unfamiliar with ZOOT! Products check it out and more inportantly make sure you get to know Ivan Zoot. So look for the review of ZOOT! pomade next week.

   Everyone who knows me locally knows I support local business whether it is a local print shop, bar...etc. Last night a video short popped up on YouTube featuring Evan Boling owner of Boling's Barbershop in Downtown Visailia.

    So if you are like me you are a fan of social media and I am not just talking about Facebook, Twitter...etc. One of my favorite sites is Bangstyle. This is a cool site because it is a
 fashion culture site. It allows stylist to post there work, follow stylist and read some articles connected to fashion, music and more. If you have never seen it before check it out!

   This weekend is the ISSE show in Long Beach and unfortunately I am not going to make it out this year. IF you read my blog I would love to get any reports from the show (products, educations and more).

   I will leave it at that for now. Product reviews are coming this next week and if there is anything you would like to see covered this year please let me know.



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