Friday, January 18, 2013

The Shop Is A Social Kind Of Place

   So if you missed out on our MOVEMBER kick-off event that I put together at GoldStar Barbershop come on out and join us for "Cuts,Shave & Rock n' Roll". I figured since MOVEMBER went so well that it was time to try another event. So I got a hold of a local dj, local brewery and got the ball rolling.

   On Sat. February 23rd GoldStar Barbershop will re-open at 8 pm-11 pm. I am excited because even though Victor and myself will be cutting hair, doing some shaves and enjoying and evening of rock n' roll it is an opportunity create a social environment within the barbershop.

   One of the things I have always beleived and liked about what we do is that barber culture is a very social culture. From how we interact with customers, the public and each other as barbers. I think the younger generation of barbers have taken the social element of barbering to the next level.

   Hawleywoods's with there back room, Suavecito partnering with local barbers at a local Riverside bar or BOLT barber having late evening happy hour at the WeHo location. These are ways for us to make a couple of bucks beyond the regular day to day work but also just get together for a hell of a good time!

    To all the shops that are doing things to open there doors to people who may not normally come in and just creating a social environment to there shops...Keep it up, cause I am always looking for a new place to have a beer!


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