Tuesday, March 22, 2011

quick update...

  So here is what is going on these days....I am up here in Spokane,Washington and I want to thank all those who have welcomed me home proper like!! I am unfortunately still waiting on the state of Washington to issue me reciprocity so I can get to cutting!!!

  I will probably be having my lovely wife send me down my tools in the next week or so, so if you are in need of a haircut I will be available.

  So since I have been go I have seen several shops open up that were not here before....my friends at Porter's barbershop have gotten to the point where they are appt. only (good job guy's) and I have been chatting up a kid down in Hillsboro,Oregon that will be opening his own shop on April 1st. his name is Travis Henry and his shop is called Henry's Chop Shop Hair Studio. This cat is fresh out of school and we wish him all the luck!!!

  I will be honest I should of just grown a pair of bullocks and did things the way this kid is doing it and the way my boy Luis at Covenant Barbershop did....by there own rules!! When you go to work for yourself it is all on you whether you succeed or fail.....no one else s fault.

  Working in any professional trade whether it is Barbering, Tattooing or really any trade that there are only two options.....work for yourself or someone else. Do you really want to give some other sucker all your hard earned dough or are you willing to step out and control your own future...Truth is if it is not too late for you
it is not too late for me!!


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