Tuesday, March 29, 2011

what a wierd start to my day.....

So yesterday I called this guy David who owns a barbershop here in Spokane, WA. So I went in today to chat with him in person. I was honest with my history and how much I want to cut. I told him I was able to use a razor and knew how to shave and right then and there he asked me to shave him.....AWKWARD!!!

I had not done a shave in some time and so I was  a bit nervous. Took me a while and I know I made a few mistakes but I was happy.

I made mistakes but I was happy because I was doing what made me happy

So last night the wife and I were talking about a bunch of stuff and one thing I said was that all the crap I go through to be able to work as a barber I think someone else would of  already sold there tools and given up and I do not want to do that.

I love my trade and I believe one day my time will come and I will see the success I desire as long as I do not give up.

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