Tuesday, August 16, 2011

American Crew, Hawleywoods and ClipperGuy

Normally I do not post a bunch of things about one specific brand but yesterday I went to Cosmoprof and purchased American Crew's fashion / trend book.This is really a neat book to have on a table in your shop.The Book is not only a picture editorial but it has some cool writing about mens culture.

In your purchase you get The Crew, a dvd and full pull out product guide. Get a hold of your local Cosmoprof and order it. Trust me it is a cool book to have around the shop.

Tomorrow night on the season premier of Cafe Racer (www.caferacertv.com). hawleywoods and the great Hot Rod Walt will be on the show, s check it out!!

Now on to Ivan Zoot....zoothair.com — Zoot Hair Awesome Short Hair charitable give back. $.25 cents donated to the American red cross every month for each bottle sold. Nice charitable initiative! The product is hair care and styling product specifically formulated for the needs of short hair.

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