Monday, August 8, 2011

Trade magazines are cool and some other stuff.

So first thing is this...not enough trade publications that deal with barbering and mens grooming. I would be happy if there was something that came out quarterly. If you know where to find it let me know!

So my wife is a stylist so we have a few trade magazines that come to the house. One comes from Canada and it is called Canadian Hair Dressers. It is written in both English and you guessed it...French. I am honest one of the most creative magazines I have ever read!. the second magazine is called Launchpad. I really get excited because not only is it a good magazine but they do cover what is going on in mens trends. Twice a year Launchpad does a colorist supplemental issue and almost every time that hits the covers has to do with mens grooming. I beleive the key being a good barber is not all about the best fade (like here in Fresno) but it is about being able to do mens haircutting. This means knowing what is trending.

Ok on the my next piece of info....I am really excited to have read this. Coming in September American Crew has associated with the USO (United Service Organization) to release the Military Edition collection. American Crew will be making a one time donation to the USO, creating care packages (USO2GO) that will be sent to troops stations outside the United States  for the rest of 2011 and be involved in some USO events. As I find out more I will post it with picture so keep your eyes peeled and also get a hold of your CosmoProf / American Crew rep to try and get your hands on it. If you go to a barbershop that does not normally carry American Crew encourage the owner to get his hands on this product.

Last thing is this...if you live in central California especially in the south valley there is going to be a new barber shop opening up in downtown Visalia,CA called Gold Star Barbershop. As I learn more I will post it here and on my Facebook.

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