Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top Chef Marathon

So to anyone who knows me you know I am down with two things.....Barbering and Food. So today the wife and I are watcing the Top Chef:Just Desserts Marathon that is leading up to the new season that starts tonight on Bravo TV.

Chef Johnny Iuzzini
So courtesy of twitter I blasted Chef Johnny Iuzzini (host of Top Chef Desserts) this question: "As a barber I am curious where do you get your haircut a salon or a barbershop? What kind of product do you like to use?" The great thing is that he was kind enough to respond to my question and so here is his answer: "I get my haircut at F.S.C. Barber in the West Village (new York). I use Fiber Grease in my hair."

F.S.C. Barbershop has three locations 2 in New York (East  and West Side) and also on in the Mission District in San Franciso,Ca .

And do not forget to watch Top Chef:Just Desserts tonight and every Wednesday on Bravo!

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