Friday, December 2, 2011

Metro v. The Dude Who Gives A Crap

    This is going to end poorly, I can already feel it!!

    I remember the first time I hear the word "metrosexual" it left me a bit confused cause when you hear the definition you are basically describing a gay male. It was probably 1994 maybe 1995 when I first heard the term and all of a sudden salons were opening up that were catering not to men as a whole but this special kind of guy who wanted his butts waxed and eyebrows tweezed along with a haircut. What sucked was there were actually some good places that after the "metro" trend passed to the side of the road some places were forced to close there doors.

    Now here we are in 2011 and we are seeing a growth of barbershops opening up because guys are wanting something that is there. To put it in the words of Don Hawley "A place for a guy to be a guy". Shops are opening up and offering services like a shave and a haircut some are offering things like manicure while they sit and watch football. Do not forget the chance to get your shoes shined.

    The shop I work at we had a couple of guys swing by to check out the shop and was stoked by the fact we sold a certain product and that by appointment they could get a manicure while we had sports on. One of the guys worked at the local hospital and the other I think may have been a medical rep. Both dressed sharped and took care of themselves.

    So back to the there a difference between metro and the guys who just take care of themselves and the answer is...YES!!! Guys just need a place of there own to be a guy, get a haircut and maybe have a beer. Metro is a trend that hopefully is done because the term creeps it's ugly head everynow and again when I am talking about mens products to people and it annoys me!

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