Thursday, January 12, 2012

Apprentice v. Barber School

I am not sure I have written about this before but I do know that I have very clear of the importance of having a mentor when you are a young barber. For me not being able to develop a mentor relationship with more experience barber has been one of the biggest mitakes I have made as a barber.

In the past if you wanted to become a barber you went to school then became an apprentice and then after doing an apprenticeship you earned the title "Master Barber" (if I am wring please let me know!). Now in most states you have the option to do an apprenticeship or go to barber college.

I am going to use California as an example for this post, mainly because that is where I am living at this time. To become an apprentice you are required to complete 3200 Apprentice hours in a shop and 220 hours of supplemental instruction in a classroom If you choose the route of attending a barber college you must complete 1500 hours to get your barbers license. f you choose the barber school route be prepared to have to pay cash because it seems that for the most part barber schools are a cash only business.

As I sit here thinking about the pro's and con's you have to look at your personal position. Are you in a place where you can go to school full time or do you need to be able to work. Do you know anything about hair cutting and shaving or is this business brand new to you. If you choose apprenticeship, what kind of program have they developed for there apprentices.What is the barber program in the local school like. These are all things you have to look at going into this.

So what is the point of this post, it is this; be informed! Do the research and make a descion that is going to make you the most successful barber/stylist. Because in the end you hold your future in your hand. If you are like me and went to a mediocre school at best it is going to be up to you to make the best out of your career. Get more education, find a shop with experienced barbers.  But the key in the end is to make informed decisions about your future.

Apprenticeship v. Barber School....You have to figure it out for yourself. Just make sure it is the best thing for you!!


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  4. I'm trying to figure it out at the moment, and I really hoped this blog post would have made my choice easier! haha, my barber says she wishes she went to a school (she's self taught, and great!) and with my other work it would probably make more sense to do it part time. So I guess this did help after all!