Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Etta James, Thank You!!!

So unless you have been under a rock today you should already know that Etta James has passed away. One of the keys to the success of Chess Records and one of the most influential women in soul music. Unfortunately I realized that the generation gap has gotten so wide and I do not know if there is any coming back.

At work I like to put on the classic r&b channel that is on the shops Direct TV and "Somethings Gotta Hold On Me" came on and I was surprised to find I was the only person working that new the song or had any knowledge of Etta James.It is sad to know that what passes off for soul music is mediocre at best.

But the flip side of my previous statement is I am grateful for Amy Winehouse (rip), Duffy and even Adele who have brough a very soulful voice to American pop music.

This is just my opinion. Thank you Etta James for an amazing catalog of music!

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