Wednesday, January 4, 2012

J.M. Mulcahy's SHAVE SOAP & Joe's Barbershop

I really like this shave soap!!

  Alright guys throw out the crappy can of Wal-mart shave soap, go and buy a real shave brush (you can usually find a good one for under 50 bucks) and more importantly buy a good razor!!! This steps will help you get a better shave, also shave in the shower or right after you get out of the shower. Trust me this will help!!
   I have been writing about Joe's Barbershop in Chicago off and on this last year for a couple of reasons: 1) There sweet custom Andis Masters that are powder coated (they are working on a chrome plated one right now!!) and 2) they do some cool events (go to there blog for more info about what they have going on). Today we are talking about the shave soap that they have available for sale in there shop.
  J.M. Mulcahy's is a small company based in Chicago that makes soap with products that come from the U.S.A. They make there soaps with Lye and essential oils instead of using detergents (which most soaps use). The shave soap comes in a metal tin which is why I said previously that you need to get your hands on a good shave brush.
    You want to take that shave brush, some hot water and the can of shave soap and get it lathered up really good. I have found that it does lather up really good! The smell of the soap Joe sent me smells like cedar,which I really like. The shave is pretty smooth as well.
    If you are working in the barbershop setting you can use this as well. Take your can of soap and dissolve about half of it in about a 1/2 gallon of water and you can use it in your lather machine. You may have to mess with it a few times till you get the consistency you  want to see coming out of the machine.
    If you need any more information please get a hold of Joe's Barbershop or J.M. Mulcahy's.

Thank's for sending me a can of soap!!

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