Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Barbers And The Hot Rod Culture

   Alright VLV 15 is over and again it is another year that I did not get to go but that is not what this is about.This is really about how barbers are becoming as much a part of the hod culture as the tattoo artist. So today I spent some time e-mailing some barbers to get there feedback on this topic.

   I know for myself some of my favorite times are when I am cutting hair at car shows, selling pomades at shows or tattoo shows. When you go to major car show events you will find pomade being sold, barbershops with booths set up cutting hair (always busy).

Luis at Covenant Barbershop
   I know that I had the pleasure to interview Don Hawley quite a few years ago when I was publishing The Undergournd Magazine (before Hawleywoods was a proverbial household name). The last couple of years barbershops around the country have been getting covered by not only tattoo magazines but car magazine.

   Tattooing and barbershop hold the same kind of history and Luis Orozco of Covenant Barbershop in Fresno,Ca. believes that it is "with the rise of more traditional style barbershop". Joe Caccavella from Joe's Barbershop in Chicago says "The entire basis of the Kustom Kulture or “Rock-a-billy” scene is tradition. From the clothes to cars to the hair styles".
Joe Caccavella at Joe's Barbershop

Frankie The Barber
    Working in the barbershop and being a fan of the "rock-a-billy" I know that I do not trust Supercuts or the salon inside the local Wal-Mart with my cut. Joe adds " So with the growing popularity of the whole kustom culture lifestyle it makes perfect sense that traditional barbers are showing up more and more that specialize in vintage/period correct cuts and styles".

    Well I think the point has been made....it is all about tradition. I know that for me as a barber I work really hard and take pride in my craft and I am proud of the history and tradition that comes along with it!

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