Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What do the cool kids use!!

So this weekend me and the family went and saw the band The Great Commission. Earlier while killing some time in town we went by Barnes and Noble and who did I find in the comic book section of the store...Justin Singh from The Great Commission.

During our visit we actually got on the subject of hair, products and the kind of comb he uses. Justin went from getting his hair done at a salon (he had a faux hawk and a rats tail) to getting his hair cut at a proper barber shop in Fontana,CA called Stay Gold Barbershop. Justin no longer rocks the faux hawk but has cropped tight on the sides with a side part.

When asked what he is using product he let's me know he uses Suavecito and proudly makes sure I know he uses Tres Flores (which is not as easily found in the Inland Empire as it is around the Central Valley). He also has a comb that he uses especially for combing the front of his hair. It is a comb by Conair. He showed me this comb and I will tell you it has definitely seen its miles on the road!

Frankie the Barber w/ Justin Singh The Great Commission
One thing I learned is that you will find Justin preparing for a show (doing his hair and cleaning up) in bathrooms at Barnes and Noble so look for him in the comic book section looking for Marvel books he may not have and tell him I said "HI!"

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