Monday, April 30, 2012


    So today mail came and I was like a little kid becuase my stuff from Suaveciito got here in time for the Fresno Tattoo Expo and the package I have been waiting so long for also came-the Frankie The Barber stickers came as well (good job Sticker Guy). I was so excited about my stickers and it really got me to thinking about branding and shops the developed there own brand with the help of products.

    When you are a business of any kind branding is not always the easiest thing to do and when you are a barber sometimes it is a little more difficult because most cities have so many barbershops. In the neighborhood where I work there are over 6 shops in a 5 mile radius. I think that shops (anzcod salons) who go out of there way to develop there own product lines to sell on there shelves are smart! I am not just talking about things like t-shirts, combs or in my case stickers.

    Let's start with the barbershop that has really changed the face of the barbershop in America espcially when it comes to branding himself and that is Don Hawley and Layrite. When you mention Hawleywood's you automatically know who you are talking about. The truth is Layrite as a product has even effected how others make there pomade.

   When you get into West Hollywood,Ca. Shorty's Barbershop has developed an entire line of products that are not only available on-line but in there shop on Fairfax Ave. They have everything from styling products, shampoos..etc.

    My boy Luis Orozco at Covenant Barbershop in Fresno,Ca, has bottled his own brand of bay rum skin elixar.

    Last week I spoke to John Major the owner of Johnny D's Barbershop in San Jose,Ca and after almost 2 years in business they are working on there very own pomade.

    Do not forget Joe's Barbershop who have gone the extra step..They may not have a pomade or a shampoo they have made available custom clippers and some really awesome events like "Hangover Shave Sundays" and the "Sunday Nite 8-ball Tournaments".

    These are just a few examples or what some shops are doing to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Finding that one thing that not only causes your shop to stand out but  finding that one thing that one thing that helps you as an individual professional to stand out in an industry that already has so many people coming out of barber school or even cosmetology school.

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