Monday, May 7, 2012

Barbers and Tattoo artist...Trade cut from the same cloth.

Danny Warner and myself in Fresno,CA.
    I am a barber and have had my license since 2006. I have worked in both Washington and California. My friends are barbers and tattoo artist. The whole time I lived in Washington all I did was work and hang out in tattoo shops, but this weekend there was a light switch that clicked in my head and I realized that we as barbers and tattoo artist are cut from a very similar clothe.

    On Sunday while I was getting tattooed by Danny Warner (Classic Tattoo Studio Grass Valley,Ca) we got to have a great conversation about tattooing, regulation and what it takes to be the best tattoo artist he can be. This seriously got me thinking about what I do as well.

    The barber industry is regulated and when I asked him what he thought of the tattooing industry starting to see regulations being put into place his answer was "I am not afraid of it". Continued by making a snide remark about suppliers who sell tattoo equipment and supplies to people at conventions who are not really tattoo artist.

    Just like the "tattoo artist" who buys his stuff from the smoke shop in shady neighborhoods doing tattoos in his kitchen, there are "barbers" who work out of there garages with out going to school and think that is all there is to it. Just because you own a tattoo machine (it is not called a tattoo gun!) does not make you a tattoo artist. Just because you own a set of clippers does not make you a barber.

    As we continued to talk Danny said on thing that made me "wake up" and it was this..."There are going to be people that are better then me and I have to work to be better then them." What the hell this guy who has been tattooing for 10 years and has a nice looking portfolio oh yeah and is tattooing me is honest about that fact that he know there are people that are better then him, but really plans on being the best out there.

    It was at this moment I realized "Wow, barbers and tattoo artist have a lot of shit in common." Not only do we share a craft that goes back hundreds of years but a trade that takes time to master and yeah there are going to be people that are better then us (whether they work in a shop or there moms garage). It is up to you how you handle your career, trade and craft. Someone better then you, what are you going to do to become better then them.

Cut With Pride sucka!!
    It is all in your hands....literally!! Your tattoo machine, your ink, your clippers, your shears, your razor....It is all in your hands!!

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