Monday, May 21, 2012

Handcrafted Pomade my ass!!

    (Let me just get this out of the way. This is not directed at companies that make huge amounts of pomade, companies that make water based pomade or major companies that manufacture pomade. This is directed towards people out there that claim to be making "handcrafted pomade".)

    I love pomade. The greasy, grimy stuff that leaves a stain on your pillow and then your wife takes away tour pillow case until you guys spend the money on black pillow cases and sheets. I did not have pillow cases up until about 4 years ago (we have been married 15 years). I have been using Murry's, Royal Crown. AGS and what ever cool pomade I stumble across.

    So this all started when i recently purchased a can of pomade from a local barbershop and late in the smae week I received two cans of pomade in the mail and there was only two differences....can/lid was a little different and they were sealed with different color electrical tape.

    There are a lot of pomade companies out there not just in the U,S, but world wide and some of these guys are really making the effort to make there own pomade. But what I am starting to find is that instead of making there own shops, barbers...etc. are buying pomade from other companies and just putting there label on them. I personally think that is kind of cheating.

   I think pomade outfits that are selling cans of "there" pomade to others without labels should require that their name should be on the label somewhere saying "manufactured by". If you did not make that pomade do not take credit for it....seriously. It is not your pomade. Listen, if you are going to have a 2nd party make your pomade spend the extra cash and work with them on a recipe so you are doing something different.

   If you are going to say you are making your own pomade you better be. Take the time to create something you are proud of. Your name is going to be on that can. It is your product that you want people to buy, use and talk about. The thing about doing handcrafted pomade is it is all you and no one else.

   Here is my last statement. If you are selling pomade under the guise of "handcrafted pomade" and the truth is you are not making it are ripping off everyone who is buying it. Think about that.

   Below is a list of links that I know are making there own products by hand. Check em out:
Blackjack Pomade
J.M Mulcahy Soap Co. (great shave soap)
High Life Pomade (I know for a fact it is handmade...My best friend worked in the barbershop in AZ.)
Covenant Barbershop (Luis makes his own bay rum aftershave and tonic)

   Anything you want to add to this list...hit me up! Take pride in what you do from the cut to the pomade you promote and make.

Frankie The Barber


  1. Great links man. I have been looking for some new stuff to put in my hair. Ive use Murray's for a while (not a fan of the washing out part). So lately Ive been trying to look for water base stuff. But Murray's is $2-$3 a can, and a good water based pomade is $10-$20 a can. Now on the search to see if there are any instructions online to create my own.


  2. Ruben,
    Thanks for the post...Like you i have used Murrays for a long time but it is a bit of a pain (even the Murrays Light). And you are correct when it comes to the cost of most water based pomades but the cool thing is some companies post specials where you can get cans for a bit cheaper (bona fide pomade is running a sale as I type this).

    Thanks for reading the blog and hope you continue to
    Frankie The Barber

  3. A member of my social club makes pomade for the ckub and for sale Switchblade Pompadours SC check us out on facebook

  4. Yep. I figure if I am going to sell something as hand made, then that means, my hands.

  5. Amen! Check out Anchors Hair Company too. Theyre all handmade with water-based and oil-based pomades.