Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gotta New Toy- Andis ProFoil Shaver

   Ok so one of the regular tools we are needing as barbers these days is the electric shaver especially for those who who like that bald fade.

    When trying to decide exact what shaver I wanted to get my hands on I started by using my buddy Victors "Norelco" style shaver. It gets a nice clean shave on the head but I always felt I was having to not only put a lot of pressure on the head but kept going over and over the shaved area.

    Before purchasing the Andis shaver I Ivan Zoot (former educator for Andis) how it sells and he told me that at Bonner Brother they pretty much sold out of the shaver.

    When MD Barber came by the shop I asked what he had and he told me he had the Andis ProFoil Shaver so I went a head and grabbed it (avg. $48.00). This is a cordless shaver that holds a good long charge. It cuts using two titanium foils and it also has a slide up trimmer for side burns.

   This is a cordless, lite weight shaver that holds it's charge for a several hours. One of the things I like about the shaver is its shape. The "t-shape" makes it comfortable to use and not bulky. It allows you to work up and down or side to side when doing bald fades or full head shaves.

    I used it the other day when cutting my dads hair and normally I use a straight edge but since I did not have my razor I pulled this shaver out. After mowing it down with #5 blade on my Osters the Andis ProFoil shaver got a super close and clean shave which is what we are always looking for.

   I have one thing that the jury is out on and that is doing full face shaves with it. I have used it on myself and for my personal use it does irritate my skin (that is why I have never owned an electric razor).

For more info hit up Andis.

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