Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ANDIS Fade Clipper

   Disclaimer: Just because a clipper says "fade clipper" does not mean it is going to make you better at doing faded (or tapered) haircuts. There is no magic power to the clipper. Doing a  tapered (faded) haircut takes alot of practice to get it down.

    So I picked up the newest release from ANDIS. There new FADE Clipper and it caught my eye becuase of the shape of the clipper. It reminded me of the WAHL Senior that my buddy Victor swears by.

   So I am not sure if this is replacing the ANDIS Fade Master that we have come to use, but it will do the job if this is the case.

   These clippers are comfortable in the hands because of the ergonomic design. The blade is a #0000-#000 and gets pretty darn close and if you do a lot of bald fading the blade can be zero gapped. Heavy duty motor that will allow you to cut through wet and dry hair..

    My complaints are small and one is they are a lot louder then ANDIS lets on. You need to adjust them to find that sweet spot but I still found them to be louder then the my Fade Masters (youngsters do not like loud clippers). Second problem that I had is that they are heavier then I was hoping they would be.

    If you do a lot of fading the the important points out way what I consider negative points. Also do not forget ANDIS clippers are still made in the U.S. (big deal to me). The retail for the FADE Professional Clipper is less then $60 bucks. If you already own the Fade Masters do not worry about spending your money on these but if you do not own the Fade Masters and money is a little tight then these will do just fine.


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