Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Definition of Handcrafted: LUSH Shaving Products

Sometimes ya just gotta split
    So this last weekend I locked up the shop, grab the family and split town. we headed to one of my favorite place....the City Of Angels! We got checked into our hotel and headed down to Santa Monica to wander the promenade, had dinner and the wife and girls went shopping.

    So I follow the wife and girls into a store called LUSH. It was an interesting experience because when you walk into the shop it had a very strong scent that just wafted through the store. I will be honest I probably would not of gone in if it were not for the fact that i was the girls.

    LUSH is a compnay that started in England with one mission and that is creating all natural, no chemicals and more importantly no animal testing. Everything is handcrafted. If you are a vegan or just concerned about where your products come from LUSH is the compnay for you to look into.

   So as I am walking around the store I find a couple of shaving products so I grabbed considering I have posted more then once about handcrafted products. The DIRTY shaving cream came in a small container and the other called AMBROSIA came in a bottle. When I got back to the hotel I had to shave anyways so I used the AMBROSIA. The AMBROSIA is a light weight shaving cream perfect for people with sensitive skin with a scent of chamomile (do not worry it is not over powering). It has cocoa butter and linseed oil. It may not lather up super well but you will still get a very clean shave.

    I grabbed the DIRTY Shaving cream because of the packaging hoping that it was going to be easily used with a shaving brush. The scent of this shaving cream is sandalwood and lavender (my wife loves sandalwood). I was hoping that with the product being in a "pot" kind of packaging working with a shave brush would be great but unfortunately you will not get a great lather. the good thing is that it does not take a ton to shave and with my experience the razor just glides over the skin.

   After doing some reading about not only the products but the brand the reason you will not get a very good lather is because of the lack of ingredients that are in most normal shave products. I think this is what makes these such good products.

    This is a brand I will encourage people who have sensitive skin, irritation issues, who really care about what they use or care how things effect the planet. LUSH is very active in charity and giving back.

   If you can not find a LUSH store you can order online.

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