Thursday, February 14, 2013

Man That's Alot Off Pomade!!

   So I follow a facebook group called "Addicted To Pomade" and it is kind of cool because it lets you see how many pomade brands are out there and man there are a lot! As I worked on the last post which was a review of Ivan Zoot's pomade and the Bona Fide pomade I got to thinking about being a kid.

   I was using pomade back in junior high a pomade by DAX. I remember it being this green color and made with vegetable oil. It came in a plastic can with a metal lid. It was not the best smelling product in the world but it did the job

   Then came the painful task of using Murray's (yeah you heard me...painful). I have used this off and on for many years now and my wife still hates it becuase it will be in my hair for days. That bright oragne can with the pomade you have to melt down to make usable. I learned quickly you better have a good brush and a blow dryer handy. You can not get more old school then this, but I was happy the day i found the Murray's light!

   Then came Royal Crown Hairdressing. I am not even sure when I found this but it was awesome because all I had to do was put it and come it through. That is what I used in my hair on my wedding day and I still like using....high shine. I will be honest pomade back then never smelled the best, it was grease, oil and wax.

Layrite Pinup by id Stankovit
    I had just started barber school when I got my first can of Layrite (courtesy of Don Hawley himself) and man was I grateful. held well and washed right out. I now had something that smelled good and worked well (I also got my pillowcases back).

    I did not have Layrite, Suavecito or Hold Fast. I was so happy the day I got my first can of Laytite (and so was my wife). I am happy that companies have started putting out really good water based products but I am also happy to see people making there own pomades as well. It is cool to see so many different kinds, weights and scents becuase I did not have the options that people have now!

Stay Greasey and Support Your Local Barber!!
Frankie The Barber

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