Friday, May 14, 2010

Been interesting...

First I need to thank my boss at starbucks for giving me the time off I needed so that I can spend the next two weeks in the barber shop. One of the owners is going on vacation and asked if I would cover while he is gone and so I jumped on the opportunity.

So recently I stumbled on a fairly new grooming product called Suavecito Pomade based out of Santa Ana (at least that is what the box said). If you are a user of Layrite or Holdfast then this is for you. Cost is 10 bucks a can which is what drew me to the product. When I ask Pedro (owner) why he sells it cheaper then his competitors his answer to me was "I'm in business to
give an honest product at an honest price in these hard economic
times. I'm not greedy, trust me if I could sell it for cheaper I
would." So check em out at

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