Saturday, May 15, 2010

not a bad Saturday...

So the morning started out a bit slow at the shop but after around 10 or so get steady. 9 haircuts in today and that makes me happy because each day I work in the shop I see myself getting better. Do not get me wrong...I got a long way to go but feel I am in the right direction.

Football rules!!! Chelsea not only won the premiership but today the beat Portsmouth 1-0 giving them the FA Cup. By winning the FA Cup at Wembley this afternoon, Chelsea have secured the first ever Double in the club's history. Tonight the Seattle Sounders won against the NY Red Bulls 1-0 with a goal by Freddie Montero in the 85'.

Starting next week for the next two weeks I will be in the barbershop Tuesday - Saturday til the end of the month!! Sweet huh

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