Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trying to learn all over again....

The last couple of weeks on of the shop owners has been on vacation. As Aaron has been enjoying the sandy beaches of Cancun, Mexico I have been filling in for him in the shop. Normally I am only there two days a week (Tuesday and Saturdays).

This week Stance (Majority owner of the shop) and been giving me advice as I work and it has been really great except for the fact that I am working really hard to break all these stupid habits that I developed over the last few years that has actually been detrimental to me actually getting a head as a barber....And the funny thing it is the small things that kind of muck me up as I work.

All I know is that speed comes in time but right now it is about developing my skills and the more I cut the better I get and the more comfortable with my tools I become....

I do not want to back to my two days a week, but I must!

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