Sunday, July 11, 2010

Courtesy of Ivan Zoot....enjoy

Classic Barbering

Traditional, Familiar, Consistent...

Ivan Zoot traditional barbering toolsWhat it is: The traditional barber shop hair cut. Performed on dry hair. Lightly misted with water for control during cutting.

Who it is for: Men and boys in search of classic looks with contemporary style.

Specialized tools: Classic barber tools are the only real way to go here. Electric clippers and trimmers and long bladed scissors and blending shears are the tools of barbering.

Ivan's unique approach: I have a cosmetology license and a barber license. This unique, combined educational background allows me to draw form the best of classic barbering, combined with the latest in contemporary cosmetology. The art and science of hair cutting is melded to create unique, classic but contemporary men's hair cutting looks. An Andis Master clipper and T-Outliner trimmer are my tools of choice for unparalleled barbering excellence. The 44/20 blending scissors is another legendary tool I choose to employ for creating finished looks that look great from day one until the return visit to the shop.

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