Saturday, November 5, 2011

50 Years means little in Oregon

So this evening courtesy of  "A Barbers Life" blog I found this video that raises the question of our licenses as professionals and what it means to state governments.

So here is the question; "If you are an older gentlemen (this man is 82 and has been working for 50 years) and maybe had forgotten to pay your licensing fees. What should be done....Just have you pay your fees and be done with it, make you retake your practical  for your state just to make sure you are still on point or try to force you to go back to school?"

So I decided to do some research about this story and it is actually a bit disappointing. If this was a mix up on the side of the Oregon Board of Cosmetology and Barbering and the fact that they were not willing to allow this gentleman to pay the back fees and get back to work then that this is not a good thing.

This is a weird position to be in. It is not a black and white issue sometimes, but just judging this story at face value I believe that the State Board should of allowed this man to renew his license and pay all the back fee. More importantly I hope this is not an issue because of his age...remember the man in this story is 82 so did the state board think he was too old to continue working as a barber....I do not know.

To read this story for your self here are the links....lets get some feedback on this story:

82 year old Oregonian man closes barbershop.
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  1. too bad stuff like this doesn't happen more often with old people's drivers licenses