Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trends.....How far do they reach

So last night I read an article on the Times online that feature F.S.C. Barber and the topic was how we are seeing haircut styles from the 1930's era showing. This kind of article about mens trends have been popping up a little more often then normal with the help of companies tapping into the rockabilly scene, shows like MadMen, movies like J.Edgar...etc.

Movies and tv have always made an impact on what trends are blowing up but as a working barber here is my question; How far to trends reach? Do trends in mens style reach to all four corners of the country?

I know that in the area I live and work it sometimes seems like men do not care or  maybe worry (would be a better word) about what the current trends are in mens style or grooming and do not get me wrong this is not a bad.thing. Are cool trends only for the west village hipster, rich young trendsetters, European d.j.' way!

As a barber I would love to see more clients coming into the shop asking for cuts similar to what we saw during the 30's, 40's and into the 1950's. I think these very traditional mens haircuts, I think they are a great reflection of our craft as barbers.

Trends are a funny thing and in closing I think it is important for barbers to pay as much attention to men's trends as much as the general public does. I also think that men should be open to new things whether it is a new cut to even a new suit.

This is one of those things that made sense in my head as I wrote it so I hope it made sense as you read it. Click here to read the whole article on the Times website or go out and get today's times and read the article.

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