Thursday, November 3, 2011

Men's Grooming.....This Is Ridiculous!!

As a barber I am happy to know that men are searching out barbershops and looking for an experience that they are not going to find at a "salon'. I really appreciate the fact that companies like TIGI, aul Mitchell and REDKEN have all realized that men have become an untapped resource (products and color lines).

The question is.....Where is the line and who thought that this was a great idea for men?

Today I was reading an article from the Time Live about a company that is about to release a nail polish line for men. Unless you are a punk rock kid or a goth kid I personally do not know a single man who is going to wear nail polish and more importantly who thought that this was going to be a great idea.

I get it Johnny Depp may have wore nail polish in "The Rum Diaries" and he is an icon but he wore eyeline in the Pirates Of The Caribbean, but guys did not all of a sudden think 'Hey, Johnny Depp is wearing eyeliner so I think men should start wearing eyeliner!"

And last but not least...Te company who thought that it was a great idea to make fake eyelashes for men is STUPID!!!

As a guy I like to take a few minutes for myself....haircut, a shave and a few extra minutes in the barbers chair is a good thing. but remember we are guys not wormen....keep that in mind!!!

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