Monday, November 21, 2011

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade

   So every gearhead and greaser is always looking for the perfect pomade and the more I mess with pomades the more I realize there is no such thing as the perfect pomade,it is all based on the person using the pomade.

    So here is the number one question...Is water based pomade a pomade or a gel? I consider it a pomade. Just like there are lite, medium and heavy weight greases there are different water based pomades.

    The most recent one I have found comes from Washington and is called Grant's Golden Brand Pomade. Grant's Pomade has a somewhat clear color with a light scent. So the scent is not over powering. So far the I have not had to use a ton of it in the cuts I have done. This is a good thing depending on how much you need to use.

    For myself I had to use a little more because I had not had a haircut in a few weeks. I used it on someone who is growing there hair back right now and it seem to hold it down pretty well. Today I used it on a young man who had thick,course hair and was wanting to start cutting and styling his hair in a 50's traditional style (thanks MadMen). It seemed to be holding well.

   So what separates Grant's from Layrite, Suavacito or Lucky 13's "Juniors" pomade. It is definitely heavier then the "Juniors" pomade but I am not going to compare it to the others because in the end it is going to be the preference of the of the person using the pomade. I know people who use Layrite and will not use anything else.

   Oh yeah and Grant's also has a limited edition "Putty Pomade" that is water based as well. This may be worth checking out as well.

    I like there pomade and really think that if you prefer water based pomades you should try it they are a small company. Thanks to Oak Barbershop in Portland,Oregon for turning me on to this pomade.

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