Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012:As Cheesy As It Sounds...A Year In Review

    Well here it is folks the end of the year is only a few days away and I figured since all the cool kids are doing these "Best Of..." list I may just as well join the band wagon and do a year in review. This is not in any particular order or by event just some stuff that I have personally payed attention to over the year or been a part of..

    The barber battle invade California!! These hugely popular events that have been going happening on the east coast for several years now are starting to take root in the Golden State. In Long Beach,Ca this past June was the 2012 International Beauty and Barber Expo. At this battle Ray Davila won for "freshest Fade" and "Tightest taper". Oh yeah did I mention he works at Hawleywoods in Long Beach.

   2012 is the year I found The Dollar Shave Club. i am really sure when and where these guys came from but when there video started popping up and my Facebook, twitter and other random social networks I had to check it out. I do not know if there razors are any good but I hear they are F**KIN' GREAT!

    The Man, The Legend, Clipper Educator Extraordinaire Ivan Zoot left Andis Clipper Company to join Marianna Industries. This has had to open up some new doors for his as an educator!

    GoldStar Barbershop  and  Bolings Barbershop in Visalia,Ca both celebrated there first year milestones. Congratulations

    I had the pleasure to finally meet the infamous Mohawk Matt from BOLT Barber and got to be involved in a Discovery Channel/Shark Week event in Venice and Pacific Palisades,Ca. This was one of the coolest things I have ever been able to be apart of and will be grateful for a long time!

   Speaking of Andis in support of there 90th anniversary they released a limited edition and individually number Master in a super clean red finish.

    I joined Covenant Barbershop for the Fresno Tattoo Convention this past year. i always love any time I get to hook up with Luis for any kind of event. They are always fun! Hope I will be there again this year!
Photo from Barber Connection

    Well I guess that is it....There is probably a shit ton of stuff I could find on BING or Google, but all I can say is that all the barbers I know have worked there assess off for the last year keeping shops open, more people are showing interest in going to barber school to learn a proper trade. I want to thank all the barbers that out there that keep us motivated and looking encourage us to look at what we do as more of a craft then a job...Thanks.

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