Monday, December 24, 2012

Here It Is, The Last Review Of The Year: Shiner Gold

    Let me just get this out of the way...Adam Dorsett will no longer be making High Life Pomade products for the public. It will only be available for purchase at Electric Haven Tattoo and Barbershop. As a fan of High Life I want to wish him continued success with Electric Haven Tattoo and Barbershop.

    Shiner Gold Pomade hails from Phoenix,Arizona and yes this is a water-based pomade. The packaging is clean with the bushed metallic tin can with the black artwork. When you open the can you will find a bit of a clear pomade with what looks almost like an amber tint to it. The scent is a coconut that is not over powering, which is nice because coconut can sometimes be to much.

   Now on to the hold...Like all water based pomades you really want to make sure you are using it on dry hair because it will affect the way it holds. When I used it I used it on clean, dry hair but found that by the end of my work day at the shop the hold was starting to fall. This is not a bad thing I just think it means I am going to have to use a little more then I used.

    Now there is one issue I have and that is it is to similar to Grants Golden Brand Pomade out of Seattle, Washington.(see review here). So if you have used Grants then you are going to like Shiner Gold. The texture is a little lighter then that of Grants though.

    From what I am seeing the feedback to Shiner Gold has been super and I wish them a great 2013...If they keep putting out good products they are going to have a long successful career.

     I do not think Shiner Gold has a website yet so you are going to want to get a hold of them via Facebook.

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